Simple Chocolate Cupcakes

by Cupful Of Sprinkles
Chocolate Cupcakes

Simple and delicious – this sums up my basic chocolate cake recipe perfectly! The sponge is soft, fluffy and couldn’t be easier to bake. There are no complicated steps that seem impossible, or fancy ingredients that you can never find in the shops. I simply use my basic vanilla cake recipe, and add a sprinkle of cocoa powder – it really is that simple!

I tend to keep this chocolate cakes quite light, but feel free to adjust the cocoa powder depending on your taste. If you prefer a richer chocolate flavour, add a bit more cocoa powder and a bit less for an even lighter chocolate taste.  I would always recommend that you use a good quality cocoa powder for your cake, and NEVER use hot chocolate powder,  this really makes a difference to the overall flavour

I love to pair these with a delicious chocolate frosting, either a plain chocolate buttercream or my mouth watering Nutella buttercream frosting. Trust me, the double chocolate is always a good idea!

Chocolate Cupcakes

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