In The SPIRIT Of Fun – Halloween Makeup Tutorial

by Cupful Of Sprinkles

In The SPIRIT Of Fun - Halloween Makeup TutorialGhosts always seems to be a simple go-to Halloween costume. Especially for kids. You just throw an old sheet over your head, cut out some eyes and a mouth hole, (to eat all the sweets you get from trick or treating), and you’re done. But let’s be honest, it’s hardly the most terrifying outfit you can find!

But there’s also another aspect to ghouls beside the shapeless blob that walks through walls. There’s the pale skin, dark, lost eyes and the creepy blank look on their faces. The pure white dress, long uncoloured hair and the lurking and sneaking around which is what I think of when a ghost comes to mind.

Ghost Stories

I was walking on a footbridge not too long ago, when I was about to turn the corner. On the wall, there was mirrors so that you could see around the corner to make sure that you don’t have a head-on collision with someone else. I looked up just before turning the corner and saw a woman, all dressed in white, head to toe slowly walking up the hill. Strange, but I didn’t really pay much attention. Until I turned the corner and there was nobody there. That’s when it got a bit creepy.

In The SPIRIT Of Fun - Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I knew for a fact that I’d seen someone, but there was nobody there and nowhere for them to go except right past me. Creepy. I thought that I’d made them up, and didn’t really see anyone there at all. Until about a week later someone told me that they had the exact same experience at the same place, and that the bridge is apparently haunted. Spooky…

Getting The Look

That’s why I think this is the perfect look for Halloween. A ghoulish, statement look that really stands out and has a true eerie feel. The pure white face provides the backdrop and allows the dark rimmed eyes to really stand out. Dark shading’s applied to the cheekbones to give a more chiselled look, which makes you look a little bit more angled. A cracked effect’s created on the lips with red smudging, which is the perfect finishing touch to this eerie look.In The SPIRIT Of Fun - Halloween Makeup Tutorial

This look is spooky-pretty and has such a strong Halloween vibe, without being gruesome or too terrifying. It’s super simple and easy to do, and so effective that it’s perfect for this time of year. It’s still feminine and has a simple element about it that can’t be beaten.

If you’re still stuck on what to go as this Halloween, why not try this look? Just pair it with a white dress, and you have the perfect Halloween outfit.

In The SPIRIT Of Fun - Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Go knock em’ dead!

Rosie x

In The SPIRIT Of Fun Make Up Tutorial:

The perfect spooky look for any Halloween party

What You Need:

  • Primer of choice
  • White Creme Foundation/Face Paint
  • White Face Powder
  • Dark Grey / Charcoal Eye Shadow
  • Black Eye Shadow
  • White Eye Shadow / Highlighter Powder
  • Creamy Black Eyeliner / Kajal Liner
  • Black Eyeliner Pencil
  • Extra Black Mascara
  • Red Liquid Blusher / Lip Stain 
  • Makeup Sponge
  • Various Size Makeup Brushes

Getting The Look:

  • This looks always easier to create on a freshly washed and toned face.
  • Apply your regular make up primer to face, but DO NOT apply lip balm.
  • Use a sponge to cover entire face, brows and lips with white face paint/foundation.
  • Brush white powder over the face.In The SPIRIT Of Fun - Halloween Makeup Tutorial


  • Using a large eye shadow brush and charcoal eye shadow. Cover the eyelid up to and including the eye brows. Following the nose round and under the eye creating a circle.In The SPIRIT Of Fun - Halloween Makeup Tutorial
  • With an angled brush and black eye shadow. Apply to the outer corner of the eye, blending towards the brow and down the bridge of the nose following the curve created in the previous step and line the bottom eyelid.
  • Blend, Blend, Blend!!In The SPIRIT Of Fun - Halloween Makeup Tutorial
  • Use a flat brush to lightly press white eye shadow / highlighter powder under the eyebrow, to the inner corner of the eye and to the bottom of the large circles. BLEND!!!In The SPIRIT Of Fun - Halloween Makeup Tutorial
  • Use a creamy black eyeliner / Kajal liner to line the top and bottom lids, getting slightly thicker towards the ends and bringing to a flick. Make sure there’s no gaps between the lashes and eyeliner. Lightly smudge the colour outwards to blend into the circles, I found it easier to use an angled eyeliner brush for this step.
  • Line the rims of your eyes with a black eyeliner pencil.In The SPIRIT Of Fun - Halloween Makeup Tutorial
  • If your eyes are looking too one-dimensional add a bit more highlighter until you are happy with the look. Remember you want the bridge of your nose to be quite dark, so try to avoid adding too much highlighter to this area.
  • Finally use your finger to apply dark grey glitter to the inner corners of the eye, (this step can be missed). Apply a heavy coat of extra black mascara or false lashes, depending on preference, and lightly dust the very outer edges of the circles with white face powder to stop the look being too harsh.In The SPIRIT Of Fun - Halloween Makeup Tutorial


  • Use the same charcoal eye shadow as step one and a blusher brush to blend under cheekbones and to the corners of your forehead. This can be as dramatic as you like!In The SPIRIT Of Fun - Halloween Makeup Tutorial


  • Take a red liquid blusher / lip stain and brush over your lips using a  lip brush to create a very sheer stain.
  • Once dry lightly dust with white face powder until ‘cracks’ start to appear.In The SPIRIT Of Fun - Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Now just spray some dry shampoo, or dust your hair with talcum powder, and style as desired.

Whip on some white clothes and go knock em’ dead!

In The SPIRIT Of Fun - Halloween Makeup Tutorial

In The SPIRIT Of Fun - Halloween Makeup Tutorial

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