Ginger Nice Cream
It may be cold outside, but that’s not gonna stop me from indulging in one of my favourite puddings. This nice cream is quick and easy to make, and requires hardly any work. It has the perfect ginger kick and the gentle spice is the perfect festive flavour. All you need is some frozen bananas, a dash of milk, a few teaspoons of cinnamon and a blender. My latest pudding obsession.
Servings Prep Time
1Person 5Minutes
Servings Prep Time
1Person 5Minutes
  1. Place the bananas in your blender, and pour the milk on top. Allow to sit for about 2 minutes, so that the banana melts a bit and is easier to blend
  2. Whizz up your banana until a smooth, creamy consistency is reached. This will only take a few minutes, depending on your blender
  3. Add your ginger to the mixture, a little at a time and blend it in to the nice cream
  4. Once you’re happy with the flavour, sprinkle a little ginger on top and enjoy!
Recipe Notes

Best eaten straight away

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